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Who are we?

Man's BF

We are a small Canadian company, animal lovers and dog fanatics! Our journey started with our very cute but very reactive dog who people felt compelled to pet. On almost every walk, I was telling at least one person to please not come too close to him and I felt that there had to be an easier and less stressful way to advocate space for my guy.


I wasn't able to find a reasonably priced, good quality product that offered excellent visibility from a distance to let people know that our dog would prefer not to be approached by strangers - so I decided to make them. 

All of our bandanas snap on and have very adjustable straps. They sport a unique u-shape design to help reduce (and in most cases eliminate) bunching on your pet's neck and ensure the text can be read clearly. We use several layers on high quality, cotton fabric to create a more rigid bandana that doesn't fold over and can hold up to the lifestyle of a rambunctious dog. All bandanas and leash sleeves are handmade by me, with love and with the wellbeing of your dog in mind. 

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